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What is a price comparison site?

An energy price comparison website is designed to offer consumers a view of the tariffs being offered to them across the energy market, from both the Big Six energy suppliers and the smaller, independent providers.

These websites offer quotes for gas and electricity tariffs based on your individual circumstances – namely, your location (postcode) and current energy consumption. Entering your information into one of these sites is a good way to compare the deals available to you side by side to find out if you could be on a more competitive tariff, and thus if you could be paying less for your energy.

Which site should I use?

It is often best to choose a price comparison website accredited by Ofgem, as this indicates that the website is formally recognised as a legitimate comparison service following the Confidence Code.

There are also a few other things you should look out for:

  • Product favouritism - If adverts are being shown on the website for any compared provider or tariff, be aware that this could indicate bias towards a certain supplier, and therefore mean that any quotes you receive may not necessarily give you the best deal.
  • Independence - Some comparison websites which are also providers of goods and services may give some comparisons on their own products, so be aware of their vested interest and be sure that all the information provided is correct, clear, and fair.
  • Information - Some websites will provide analysis on service levels and quality, and answers to common questions about the energy industry, which could indicate a genuine interest and knowledge of energy consumers and the market as a whole.

Get quotes

Online price comparison services allow you to simply enter your postcode and a few details about your energy consumption, and then present you with the results of the tariffs available to you – whether for gas, electricity, or both.

The results are displayed in a table to make comparisons easy, and the data is regularly updated to ensure that the results displayed are as accurate as possible.

To get started with your own comparison and receive quotes, enter your postcode into the form on the right. All results comply with Ofgem’s Confidence Code.

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