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Gas conversion information: Converting gas use into kWh

Your gas meter may record your gas consumption in hundreds of cubic feet, but your energy company is required to bill you in terms of kilowatt hours (kWh).

So, how do we convert hundreds of cubic feet of gas to kWh? How do you work out exactly how many kilowatt hours of gas you are using? Follow these steps:

  1. Take the current reading of your gas meter and deduct the previous meter reading from it. If your previous figure was an estimate, then this previously estimated reading may actually be higher than today’s reading, in which case deduct the previous reading from the current reading. This does not affect the arithmetic; it just means you either have more to pay, or your energy company owes you something back because you paid too much before. Either way, the difference between the numbers is net hundreds cubic feet of gas.
  2. Take this result and multiply it by 2.83, to convert hundreds of cubic feet to cubic metres.
  3. Multiply this result by a correction factor of 1.022640, and then by the value shown on your last gas bill. Finally, divide the result by 3.6 to give kWh.

If you’re looking for a rough estimate rather than an entirely accurate one; a hundred cubic foot of gas is between 28 and 31 kWh, depending upon the conversion factors which are used.

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If you find that your gas use is quite high, or you think that you may be paying too much for the gas you’re using with your current supplier, then it is entirely possible for you to find a more competitively-priced energy tariff.

UK energy consumers have the option of comparing prices and switching their energy suppliers. While it’s possible that your current supplier may be giving you their cheapest deal, other provide may be able to offer you a cheaper deal – and for the exact same amount of kWh gas use.

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