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The Green Deal Cashback scheme

The Green Deal Cashback Scheme was launched by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, to provide funds to UK residents making energy-saving improvements to their homes, such as:

The scheme operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and is open to any householder making energy saving improvements outlined under the Green Deal. This includes owner-occupiers, those renting privately, or those in social housing. Landlords, both private and social, are also eligible to have installation costs paid, up to certain limits.

The Government initially guaranteed that £40 million would be made available to people living in the UK. After this, cashback amounts may reduce.

How do I receive payment?

To qualify for Green Deal Cashback, householders must:

  • Have a Green Deal Assessment carried out on the property (find out more about the Assessment process here.)
  • Receive and agree quotes from a Green Deal Provider (this could be directly with a national brand or through a local tradesperson linked with a Provider)
  • Apply for a Cashback voucher online or by phone. To make things easier, some Providers will be able to apply on behalf of their customers
  • Receive a voucher confirming the Cashback amount
  • Complete works within a specified period. Providers will redeem the voucher on your behalf and you'll receive Cashback payment within 30 days.

Green Deal Cashback payments are only available for work recommended on your Green Deal Assessment. Householders can fund improvements through a Green Deal Plan, or however they wish, and receive the Cashback - but they must use a Green Deal Provider to arrange the work.

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