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Who is my energy supplier?

If you aren’t sure who your supplier is for your gas or electricity - whether because you have moved into a brand new property, are moving to a rural area or simply are not sure, then the information below can help you to identify who you are currently paying for your energy supply.


If your gas is supplied through the national gas network, then your gas supply will be identified by the meter point number. You can find this number, as well as details on who currently supplies the gas to your home by phoning the Xoserve Domestic Consumer M Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524, or by entering your postcode at Find My Supplier.

If you need to identify the gas network that you are connected to, you can contact the Gas Network Identity Line on 0870 1600229.


Finding out about your electricity supply is more complex than with gas. This is because there are 14 distribution network licences for electricity distribution and generation, but many more suppliers of electricity. As of March 2010, there are also six licenced Independent Distribution Network Operators which provide extensions to the existing licenced networks.

To find out who bill you for the electricity you use in your home, you will need to contact the distributor for your area, who should be able to tell you your MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number). The MPAN comprises of two lines of numbers beginning with a capital "S". The generators' identity is denoted by the first two digits of the second line of that number.

The table below should help you find the correct information about your supply area:

  Supply area

 Contact number

 Eastern England


 East Midlands




 North Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire


 West Midlands


 North Eastern England


 North Western England


 Northern Scotland


 Southern Scotland


 South Eastern England


 Southern England


 Southern Wales


 South Western England




Changing your energy supplier

When you have the details of your current gas and/or electricity supplier, you can then evaluate how much you will be paying for your energy bills. It’s highly possible, if not likely that you might then be able to find a more competitive rate on your gas and electricity tariffs by switching to a deal with a different supplier.

To find out if you could find a cheaper tariff for your gas and/or electricity, enter your postcode into the form on the right to start comparing the deals available to you.

If you have a commercial energy contract, you can find out who your electricity supplier is by speaking to our business energy partners over at Bionic. A quick call is all it takes to find out more about your current supplier and switch to a better business electricity deal to save money.

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