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Solid wall insulation

If you have solid walls in your home, then you may be able to install external or internal wall insulation. This can help to make sure that the amount of heat your home lose in minimal, and that you can retain as much warmth as possible.  Essentially, this will reduce the excess energy being used to heat your home and in turn lower your energy bills.

Solid walls lose heat more quickly than cavity walls, but because they are solid, there isn’t a single, easy way to insulate them. However, a solution to this is issue external and internal wall insulation.

External wall insulation

This involves adding a decorative weather-proof insulating treatment to the outside of your wall. The thickness of the insulation needs to be between 50 and 100mm and is usually installed where there are severe heating-escape issues, or the exterior of the building requires some form of other repair work; providing the opportunity of adding insulation.

This insulation method could save you £290 to £350 a year on you energy bills.

The cost for external wall insulation, including the insulation and labour costs while wall repairs are being undertaken, starts at £1,800 for a semi-detached house.

Internal wall insulation

Solid walls can also be insulated by applying internal wall insulation. You can use ready-made insulation/plaster board laminates or wooden battens in-filled with insulation or flexible linings.

Insulation/plaster board laminates usually consist of plasterboard backed with insulating material, typically to a total thickness of up to 90mm. Installing them involves the boards being fitted directly to the inside of the wall, and the thicker the board, the better the insulation.

You can also attach wooden battens in-filled with insulation to a wall for added insulation. This involves attaching battens to the wall, filling the spaces between the battens with insulation and then covering them with a plasterboard finish.

Costs for internal wall insulation start from £40 per square metre, and you could save between £270 and £340 a year on your energy bill.

Save even more on your energy bills

As well as solid wall insulation, there are a number of other ways you can modify your house, or energy efficiency tips you can adopt to lower the amount of gas and electricity used to power your home.

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